Who are we?

Dynamic Energy Group, Inc. (DEG) is an energy conservation company with MEP construction and design-build capabilities that in coordination with building and facility owner/developer can design, engineer and install high efficiency technologies intended to reduce energy costs or increase the efficiency of the existing infrastructure. DEG implements green, clean and sustainably designed projects that are technology-neutral and vendor-neutral.

DEG provides equipment and facility analyses, assessments, and strategy recommendations based on a client’s individual needs, arranges financing, obtains incentives and grants, designs and installs energy solutions.

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    Our fundamentally different approach is to deliver: Design, Develop, Arrange Financing, Install and Maintain clean low cost CoGeneration Systems that exceed expectations, which are supplied with little or no upfront costs. Our vision, expertise, methodology, employees, and partners contribute to making Dynamic Energy Group a leading CoGen energy service provider.

    Dynamic Energy Group, Inc. is a thriving new company that is leading the way to new energy alternatives. We are working with leading real estate developers and investors, Fortune 500 companies, and state & local governments to create an alternative vision of energy, one built around on-site power generation (CHP) and energy efficiency projects.

    Real estate varies in size, configuration, type, usage, and location but none are more important than yours. DEG begins with you, your needs and ability to establish and own a successful energy project. We then move to an onsite investigation, systems analysis and concept design for existing buildings. Our bottom-line oriented approach lets us recommend and propose energy projects that are customized for you and your building/facility. If you can’t afford it we won’t recommend it.

    DEG helps owner/developers obtain all available incentives and subsidies from all levels of government and from private foundations. We can provide multiple routes to financing for energy infrastructure including independent project financing for all CHP and renewable energy related equipment and installation. For on-site power and for high-performance building efficiencies technologies, we are firmly vendor-neutral, offering our clients advice on the best combination of equipment and design features with the highest return on investment. For larger projects, we can take the lead in establishing an energy investment master plan.

    DEG has the flexibility to offer clients the best in both design and construction.

Quality & Safety

DEG embraces a culture that empowers our employees to take whatever action is necessary to ensure a safe work environment through programs and procedures that cover every aspect of safety in a construction project. These programs focus on personal behavior and teach the usage of proper tools and planning techniques. Our safety/compliance manager has an excellent working knowledge of OSHA construction standards, as well as extensive experience conducting job site inspections. DEG keeps the safety of all participants a top priority.


DEG offers affordable and dependable CoGeneration systems, also known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP) where electricity and heat are produced from a single source of fuel. Combined Cooling Heating and Power (CCHP) goes beyond CHP by supplying space and processing heating and cooling needs from the recovered heat, a process known as Tri-Generation. DEG manages every phase of the CHP/CCHP process to improve your facility’s bottom line, from analysis to project design to financing and through to development/construction and installation.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, or clean energy, does not pollute the environment. DEG has a strong knowledge of renewable energy sources which include wind, solar, solar-thermal, geothermal, and solar photovoltaics. It is in our best interest to utilize renewable energy to protect and preserve the environment. Renewable energy can also be labelled as infinite energy, because the energy can be supplied for an indefinite period of time. DEG encourages the use of non-polluting energy sources to reduce energy costs and to remain eco-friendly.