Our Projects

Riker’s Island – Central Chiller Plant

  • Two new 1,000 ton Chillers: a Steam Absorption unit and a Magnetic-bearing High Efficiency unit
  • Two 1.25 mW Emergency Generators with new 5kV Switchgear
  • New 750 kW Steam Turbine Generator

Metropolitan Hospital – Central Boiler Plant Upgrade

  • Three 35,000 #/hr High Pressure Boilers
  • New 80,000 gallon Fuel Farm
  • New High Pressure Gas Service to replace #6 Fuel Oil

New York City Housing Authority – Hot Water Heater Replacement

  • Replacement of Hot Water Heaters in 250 buildings
  • New Instantaneous Type HW Heaters eliminate storage and standby losses

Owls Head Water Pollution Plant – Multiple Projects

  • Replacement of over 28,000 diffusers in aeration tanks
  • Replacement of Digester Gas System including new Stainless Steel piping,
    Liquid-Ring Compressors, Gas Dryers and Natural Gas Blenders
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing work for the upgrade of the existing 3 mW Engine Generators

Charleston Bus Depot – New Facility Construction

  • Mechanical Work including Boiler Plant, Multiple UG Tanks, Heating and Ventilating Equipment and Ductwork, Sprinklers, Bus Service Stations
  • Electrical Work including new Service, Low and High Voltage wiring, Security, Building Controls System
  • Plumbing Work including Water and Gas Service, Drainage System, Bathrooms and Showers